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A Proud Day in Lake County


Today was a particularly outstanding day in Lake County with the ratification of change.

First was the swearing in of our excellent new county wide officials, Holly Kim, Robin OConnorr and John Idleburg.

Shortly thereafter was the swearing in of our new county commissioners. Ten years ago and out of Michael Bond's political office, we ran "Operation Blue Hammer" which was quite a well organized and potent effort to flip the county board. We came close by winning 4 out of 7. In this cycle, a group of hard hitting candidates and a vast army of Democratic activists came and did it. This is the first time in history the Lake County Board is blue. Couldn't be more proud. Today also saw my exceptional County Commissioner, Sandy McDonald Hart, become County Board President.

With all of these superb people serving, we are in very good hands.

For my friends who ran but did not win this time, it was every bit as much of an honor to be among the effort in support of you. This was also your day as you helped to make it possible. Often times the second time is the charm. Standing by.


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